Baki Talabat Qablari OJSC

Factory was privatized in 2004 and became an OJSC and started production in 2007. All the buildings of the society, except for the main building of the Soviet Union, were demolished and modern industrial buildings were built. , plastic containers and containers for packing and storage of vegetables, seats for stadiums and sports complexes, buckets for construction and household waste, baths and buckets used in construction, universal cassettes and folding boxes for transporting industrial products, gas meter boxes. The high quality products produced by the society have been awarded various diplomas and decrees from time to time. At the same time, it has received various certificates of conformity of Standardization and Metrology for all products. Currently, the company has equipment for the production of up to a thousand different types of plastic containers, all of which are made in Europe.

More than 10 years of work experience

Factory was privatized in 2004 and turned into an OJSC and started production in 2007.


In the field of thermoforming, there is the only “IN-line thermoforming line” in the CIS.

Mold production

Mold production was first established in Baku in 2007 at Baku Talabat Gablari OJSC. Modern CNC machines in production.


40 machines in the injection area between 15 ÷ 2000 t



There are 4 lines in the extrusion field.



Professional masters of molds

High quality standards

Customer satisfaction

Wide variety of production

The success of our partners

Acceptable prices