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However, of the six, only three are worth discussing: Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Enterprise edition and Ultimate edition are the. Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate are the most versatile and powerful editions and are designed to address the needs of both. Windows 7 Ultimate This is for the enthusiast user who wants everything: Professional, Enterprise, Home Premium, all rolled into one giant.


Windows 7 professional vs enterprise vs ultimate free


However, this versatile edition of Windows 7 Ultimate also includes the benefits of easy switching between 35 MUI language packs and advanced features to block malicious software run through Applocker property. The Ultimate edition also has Branch cache optimization technology for easier file access over the wide-area network and also allows direct access to Virtual Hard Disk or the disk image without the interference of the host.

Additionally, it helps keep the user connected while travel through phone enabled by Direct Access feature and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure especially designed for network administrators. Although the additional benefits of both Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows 7 have been deemed practically useless by the home users, both these editions are heavily applauded among the IT professionals and network administrators.

Both Professional and Ultimate have been proclaimed for providing access to remote desktops with especially curetted features that make work easier for the host and the client alike.

Additionally the features of Domain Join and Group Policy help level up the work for a tech guy. However, the main difference between these two editions is that Ultimate edition has direct access to files from Virtual Hard Disk and enhanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which are missing from Professional edition. The difference between the two editions is also that Ultimate edition provides even more security with Applocker, that blocks software installation access and Bitlocker encryption which is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard AES.

The functions of Branch Cache and Direct Access make the Ultimate edition smoother and more effective which is also a notable difference between the two editions. Although Ultimate edition is somewhat different than Professional with its advanced access facilities and higher level of security, Professional is not any less effective. Both these editions are also facilitated with Dynamic Disk support and Location-Aware printing along with all that is mentioned above to make it even more high-tech.

Trusted by over 1. Skip to content Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate are two editions of the six original Windows 7 versions realized by the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The Ultimate edition is equipped with Applocker features while this is missing in Professional. The Direct Access feature is only present in Windows 7 Ultimate and is not included in the Professional edition. The Ultimate edition allows access to 35 MUI language packs that are also missing in the Professional edition.

Buyers of the Enterprise Edition also get a number of benefits due to Microsoft Software Assurance, but these are already beyond the differences of Enterprise and Ultimate. Activation is also slightly different for the Enterprise Edition as it is rather tedious to individually activate each license if you have hundreds, or even thousands, of computers with distinct licenses. Another slight difference between Ultimate and Enterprise editions is in the duration of support that will be provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft assures support for the Enterprise Edition up to at the earliest. In contrast, users of the Ultimate edition only have assured support up to at the earliest.

It is quite odd that the more expensive edition shares the same support duration as the Home Premium Edition, with the cheaper Professional edition sharing the longer duration of the Enterprise Edition. For ordinary users, the Enterprise Edition is not really an option.

But, the Ultimate edition is a viable alternative to those who want the full list of features that Windows has to offer. Ultimate is available to home users while Enterprise is only available companies 2. Ultimate is available in individual licenses while Enterprise is only sold in volume 3. Microsoft support for Ultimate extends to while support for Enterprise extends to Cite APA 7 , l.

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